Another day, another run-in with an aggressive deer in Oak Bay.

Police say two 10-year-old boys reported being chased by an angry buck last week, just days after a cyclist was knocked to the ground by an aggressive deer.

The incident happened Monday, Nov. 26, in the 1700-block of Lulie Street, according to police.

The boys were upset but otherwise unharmed after a deer chased them down the street on their scooters.

Five days earlier, a woman riding her bike in an area about two blocks away, at St. Ann Street and Bowker Avenue,  was charged and knocked to the ground by a buck.

The buck was with a doe and fawn when he charged the unsuspecting cyclist. She suffered a shoulder injury and mild concussion.

Conflicts with deer have been in the spotlight in the quiet community recently as the city tries to manage the population.

A cull was undertaken to try to reduce deer numbers, and a group of biologists is also preparing to inject some deer with birth control beginning in 2019.