A number of deer attacked an Oak Bay woman as she tried to let them out of her yard, prompting a reminder from local police.

Police received a report from the woman Monday that she was attacked in her backyard in the area of Foul Bay Road and Crescent Road.

She said she heard a commotion in the yard and went out to find several deer in her yard.

When she opened the gate to let them out, they ran at her, knocked her over and stomped on her, causing minor injuries.

Police say the deer possibly saw the woman was a threat because there was a young fawn nearby that had run out of the yard.

They're now reminding residents that wildlife – even deer – can aggressively defend their young, and the best way to avoid any conflict is to keep a safe distance.

Oak Bay has struggled with its escalating deer population in recent years, leading to a cull of 11 deer in 2015.

That strategy sparked some controversy, so the municipality has turned to the idea of birth control to manage its deer.