Not even cyclists are safe from deer in Oak Bay.

Police say that a woman riding her bike was charged and knocked to the ground by an aggressive buck last week.

The woman was cycling on Bowker Avenue Nov. 21 when she rounded a corner onto St. Ann Street, heading southbound.

Unbeknownst to her, a buck that was with a doe and fawn was waiting around the corner and charged the woman, knocking her off her bike.

Good Samaritans in the area rushed to her aid, providing her with a blanket and giving her comfort before she was taken to hospital for examination.

The woman suffered a shoulder injury and a mild concussion, according to police.

The BC Conservation Officer Service was notified of the incident.

The robust and at times aggressive deer population has been an ongoing issue in Oak Bay.

In September, one woman suffered injuries when she was trampled by four deer who somehow made it into her backyard.

The city has previously undertaken a cull to try to reduce their numbers, and a group of biologists has been searching for other ways to bring down the population including injecting does with birth control.

The immuno-contraception is expected to be performed sometime in 2019, according to the Urban Wildlife Stewardship Society, which has been tracking and studying deer movements in the community. It was previously set to be done this fall, but was delayed to 2019 because the group was required to engage in further consultations with stakeholders.