VICTORIA -- After a Vancouver Island newspaper accidentally advertised opportunities for "pictures with Satan" during a weekend Christmas parade – which drew international attention to the community – one man decided to dress up as the red man himself.

On Sunday, the City of Courtenay held a Christmas parade, which island man Tim Miller, dressed as Satan, unexpectedly took part in. Photos from the community show dozens of people happily taking pictures with Miller, who also donned a Santa suit on top of his horns and claws during the holiday event.

The original "pictures with Satan" misprint ran in the Nov. 21 edition of the Comox Valley Record.

The typo then grew into a viral sensation on the internet, prompting outlets from across North America to poke fun at the error, including the New York Post and American talk show Late Night with Seth Meyers.

On Thursday, the Comox Valley Record told CTV News that it was embarrassed by the misprint but that everyone had been good-natured about the typo.

"The whole world I think knows by now that there's a Santa Claus parade happening in Courtenay this weekend," said Keith Currie, a publisher for the Comox Valley Record on Thursday. "People understand, people are getting a laugh out of it."

The Comox Valley community certainly seemed to be in good spirits on Sunday, with Miller snapping pictures with dozens of grinning parade-goers.