VICTORIA -- A brazen tire-slashing spree has left more than 30 vehicles with flats, according to investigators.

Victoria police said they were dealing with dozens of reports of vandalism from the Oaklands area Monday morning.

“Several residents of the 2700-block of Forbes Street and the 2800- and 2900-blocks of Shakespeare Street awoke this morning to find their tires slashed,” said VicPD’s Mark MacIntyre.

“It is believed that the damage occurred overnight.” 

Jordan Forbes witnessed the damage as he drove to work Monday morning. 

“I went a block in either direction and saw tires were flattened, or in the process of flattening out,” Forbes told CTV News. “It’s senseless.”

Victims say some vehicles suffered slashes to all four tires. 

Police say that the sheer number of reports has prompted an investigation. 

VicPD is asking anyone who saw something in the Oaklands community late Sunday, or anyone who might have access to security camera footage, to come forward.