Warning: This story contains graphic details.

A Saanich police forensic investigator testified to entering a chaotic scene the morning he was called to an Oak Bay apartment where the bloodied bodies of two young girls had been found.

Andrew Berry is accused of killing his daughters, six-year-old Chloe and four-year-old Aubrey, whose bodies were found in Berry's Beach Drive apartment on Christmas Day 2017.

Berry, who was found badly injured at the scene, has pleaded not guilty to two counts of second-degree murder.

Saanich police forensic investigator Sgt. Mike Duquette told a Vancouver courtroom Tuesday that he was called to Berry's apartment suite the morning after the girls' bodies were discovered.

Duquette testified to finding a large, blood-covered kitchen knife next to bloody clothes in the bedroom where Aubrey's lifeless body lay on the bed.

In another bedroom, the officer said he found Chloe with several wounds on her body, and a broken children's baseball bat on the bed near her head.

Duquette told the court the bat was split at the handle and Chloe's hair was found in the broken portion of the bat.

He also referenced photos showing two unwrapped gifts beneath a Christmas tree, and said a child's note was found on a table that said "Dear Santa, enjoy the bunny crackers. From Chloe, Aubrey and Andy. Merry Christmas." Crumbs were found inside the bowl.

The officer testified that he saw nothing on the outside of the apartment building to indicate a forced entry, such as broken windows or pry marks on doors.

Duquette's testimony is expected to continue Wednesday.