VICTORIA -- Hundreds of hectares of land have now been added to B.C. provincial parks and protected lands, the province announced Wednesday.

Land for 16 provincial parks and two protected areas was acquired in 2020, ranging from hiking plains in the Interior to scenic islands along the coast.

The largest parcel of land aquired this year is located in Haida Gwaii. Approximately 123 hectares of land were added to Naikoon Park, which features wetlands, bogs, sand dunes, temperate rainforest ecosystems and roughly 100 kilometres of beach coastline.

“Primary attractions for visitors include Haida cultural history, beaches, hiking, fishing, and wilderness camping,” said the province in its 2019-2020 BC Parks Land Acquisition Program report.

Meanwhile, the province added a 20-hectre island to the historic Octopus Islands Marine Park near Vancouver Island.

The islands, located just off Quadra Island, are popular among kayakers and outdoor enthusiasts, and is a place of significant cultural history.

“The trail was heavily used by Indigenous peoples long before the park was established,” said the province in a release Wednesday. “The area, studied by archeological researchers, is also home to culturally constructed clam gardens that provided food for coastal communities.”

A list of the 18 areas acquired by B.C. in 2020 can be found below:

1. Chasm Park, Clinton, 101 ha

2. Tweedsmuir Park, Bella Coola, 24.5 ha

3. Octopus Islands Marine Park, Okisollo Channel, Quadra Island, 20 ha

4. Cowichan River Park, Duncan, 2 ha

5. Skaha Bluffs Park, Penticton, 65 ha

6. Mount Pope Park, Fort St. James, 0.17 ha

7. Mount Robson Park, Statutory Right of Way Valemount, 0.9 ha

8. Cathedral Park, South Okanagan, expanded by 82 ha

9. Muncho Lake Park, Mile 463, Alaska Highway, 2.5 ha

10. Cape Scott Park, Northern Vancouver Island, 76 ha

11. Naikoon Park, Haida Gwaii, expanded by 123 ha

12. Landstrom Bar, Hope, 1 ha

13. Valhalla Park, Slocan, 32 ha

14. Okanagan Mountain Park, Peachland, 21.2 ha

15. Lac du Bois Grasslands, Kamloops, 8 ha

16. Jewel Lake Park, Greenwood, 16 ha

17. West Twin Protected Area, McBride, 59 ha

18. Purcell Wilderness Conservancy Protected Area, Kaslo, 18 ha