A sleepy Vancouver Island community has been abuzz with celebrity sightings thanks to a new movie shooting in town – and on Monday one of its stars praised the region’s raw beauty.

Parker Posey, the actress known for her comedic roles in indie movies like “Best in Show” and “Dazed and Confused,” is in Sooke to film a new romantic comedy titled “Elsewhere.”

Posey spotted CTV News cameras near the set of the movie on Monday and strolled over to dish out compliments for Sooke, which provides the picturesque backdrop for the film.

“I got here on Friday night and spent some time in East Sooke that night. It’s just beautiful. You’re lucky,” she said. “Even when it was raining the other day, the fog was coming in, the sky was white and it was beautiful.”

But the actress is no stranger to B.C.’s South Coast – she recently wrapped up seven months of work in Vancouver on the upcoming Netflix remake of “Lost in Space.”

She went back to her home in New York for just four weeks when she was called back to Vancouver Island to shoot the movie, which she said features a “lovely script in the vein of Alexander Payne or Nora Ephron.”

Posey said she was “shocked” that the area remains relatively unpopulated, especially when compared to her home state.

“I’m really surprised that it hasn’t been taken over by people from the Hamptons or something,” she said. “It’s so dreamy and lovely. Everyone’s been really nice and they seem to know how good they have it. Canada’s a real star at the moment in the culture, and in politics and everything.”

She also praised the film crew she was working with, saying the environment “wasn’t as tense” as a typical Hollywood production.

After several minutes, Posey returned to the set to continue working – but not before having CTV News reporter Scott Cunningham shake her dog Gracie’s paw goodbye.

“Elsewhere” also features actors Beau Bridges, Aden Young and Ken Jeong of “The Hangover” fame, with the latter making an appearance at local restaurant Route 14 to the delight of patrons and staff.

Manager Marian Schols said Jeong was nice enough to take pictures and even sang for one staff member.

“Mr. Jeong was here singing happy birthday to our bartender for his 40th birthday,” he said. “They’ve been visiting all the local establishments and it’s been super fun to have them here.”

It’s been a big summer for star gazers on Vancouver Island, with A-listers Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin and Jonny Depp all making appearances around Greater Victoria.

That star power has also been great for film crews. Posey’s film has provided a team of about 70 people with work, and the movie will be shooting in the area for the next five weeks.