VANCOUVER -- A recent trip to the beach in Tofino left a Vancouver Island woman shocked and angry about what she found.

Natalie Attwell posted video of the scene she encountered online. The short clip shows dozens of empty cans, as well as cigarette butts and other detritus littering the sand.

"It was as soon as we got out of the trail and hit the beach, so you couldn't miss it," Attwell told CTV News Vancouver Island. "It was right there. And it was all across the beach, but that was definitely the biggest pile."

Attwell said she suspects whoever was responsible for the garbage likely wasn't following the recommendations for stopping the spread of COVID-19, noting that the amount of trash she found looks like it would have taken more than the recommended six people to produce.

"There was definitely a party there last night," she said. "It had to have been a large group of people. There was a lot of empties there."

She said she doesn't know whether the party-goers were locals or tourists, but she hopes the attention her posts have been getting will make them think twice about failing to clean up after themselves in the future.