The city of Langford has issued a stop-work order at a biker gang clubhouse that set up shop there last year.

West Shore RCMP and bylaw officers served the order Wednesday afternoon at the controversial Devil’s Army clubhouse on Spencer Road.

A senior bylaw officer said inspectors determined work was being done on the property without proper permits.

No resident was on site during the inspection, said Lorne Fletcher.

The type of work being done is unclear, but Fletcher said officers inspected for fire safety and whether building regulations and bylaws were being followed.

Bylaw had previously attempted to conduct the inspection on May 1, but officers said they were met at the gate by tenants and turned away.

Fletcher said officials are “confident” they’ll be able to get in touch with the property owner to discuss the need for proper permitting.

The Devil’s Army moved in to the building in April, stirring up controversy in the Greater Victoria suburb.

Residents and politicians declared the clubhouse was not welcome due to its proximity to a school, though Mounties said they didn’t find any evidence of criminal activity there.

Earlier this year, the city applied for an injunction to shut down the clubhouse in BC Supreme Court.