Victoria city council is preparing to discuss a recommendation from city staff to explore relocating Crystal Pool to Central Middle School.

Staff are directing council to conduct a feasibility study on the Central Middle School site at the corner of Fort Street and Fernwood Road.

A second option presented by staff included doing a similar study at a city-owned parking lot at 940 Caledonia St., however staff are favouring the school option.

The plan came about after the Greater Victoria School District asked Victoria to build the Crystal Pool replacement facility on its Central Middle School property.

If the city proceeds with the recommendation, the feasibility study would include a conceptual design, cost estimates and a risk-benefit analysis of building the pool next to the school. 

Staff are also advising council to conduct public engagement on the project and develop a more detailed examination of the partnership between the city and school district.

Council will consider the Crystal Pool recommendation at its next meeting on June 13.