VICTORIA -- A historic building in Victoria’s Chinatown was defaced with hateful graffiti on Saturday.

On a weekend in which many people across Canada are standing together, protesting racial injustice, vandals have targeted the Victoria Chinese Public School on Fisgard Street with a racist message.

The Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association president said the message was shocking because he hasn’t experienced a racist message in Victoria’s Chinatown before.

“A policewoman called me at home and (said) someone did the graffiti at our headquarters here,” said Allen Ma. "Thank you very much to the policewoman who let us know."

The message, which CTV News Vancouver Island has decided to blur, was written in black marker on the pillar outside the building.

Ma came to the building to see the message just after 9 a.m., and tried to get someone to remove it.

“Saturday, no one is doing it, so I brought down this paint to try and cover it,” said Ma. “I don’t think I did a good job.”

Using spray paint, he tried to cover the hateful message.

“I am just telling whoever did this, come forward and tell the police,” he said. “There is no hatred here in Victoria. I feel sad.”

Ma doesn’t know who would write such a comment, but is asking them to reconsider.

“Please, think again. Don’t do it again,” he said. “Give a second thought.”

CTV News reached out to Victoria police on Saturday, but they did not confirm by time of publication if they’re investigating.