VICTORIA -- For the past several weeks, people living along Victoria’s Gorge Waterway have been enjoying concerts by a local musician. But until now, nobody knew who he is.

"Judging by his accent, he's British," said listener Jennifer Vallee. “I believe his name is Jeff?"

The mystery musician is Jeff Stevenson, a performer for 50 years who suddenly found himself without a single gig in over six weeks.

"I wanted to entertain people, which is what I do," Stevenson said.

He started setting up in his backyard and blasting out a mix of 70s hits, as well as his own originals.

"It’s a really nice time to socialize without, you know, being too close," neighbour Amanda Engen said.

The shows start at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights to coincide with the salute of pots and pans for health workers. For Stevenson, this is his way of saying thanks.

"I felt very much for these workers, all of them. You know, doctors nurses, in many, many departments around – not just Canada – but around the world that are out there putting their lives at risk, actually, for us," Stevenson said.

Stevenson performs for about an hour each night. According to his audience, you can hear him along the Gorge from Tillicum Road to Admirals Road.