VICTORIA -- The Township of Esquimalt says it has found the source of a recent oil slick in Gorge Creek that flows into the Gorge Waterway.

One source of the leaking hydrocarbons was discovered to be a faulty home heating oil tank. The township says that the oil tank was leaking oil into both the ground and the municipal storm water system.

The tank has since been disconnected from the system to prevent further spills and township staff are in the process of taking the next repair steps with the homeowner.

Meanwhile, Esquimalt is continuing to work with the Capital Regional District (CRD) Regional Source Control program to ensure that no other spills are contributing to the problem.

The township has also hired an environmental contractor to bolster containment and cleanup efforts, including additional booms in a significant number of locations.

Esquimalt staff and contractors will continue to work over the weekend on cleanup and monitoring.

There are several watershed outflows in Esquimalt that empty into shorelines around the township. Residents and businesses are reminded to avoid allowing chemicals and other materials to flow into catch basins and drains.