Investigators say a kitten found trapped in a shaving bag and left for dead in a Victoria mall garbage can has tested positive for meth.

"She had some ability issues and so some tests were done and it was found that this kitten had methamphetamine in its urine," said Victoria Animal Control Services officer Ian Fraser.

"It ingested it somehow, whether through accidental ingestion or somebody fed it."

Fraser called the revelation "surprising," but added that the animal seems otherwise healthy and its prognosis looks good.

Fraser said animal control officers have received new information on the case and an investigation into how the weeks-old feline ended up in the trash is progressing.

Meanwhile, Victoria animal rescue groups are reminding people of the plethora of options available if they can no longer care for a pet.

The BC SPCA and Victoria Humane Society both say they could have cared for the cat found Tuesday at Hillside Shopping Centre.

"It's horrifying that this still happens in this day and age when there's so many places for these animals to go," said the Victoria Humane Society's Penny Stone.

The feline was found by a maintenance worker at the Victoria mall. Victoria Animal Control Services says the worker was about to empty a garbage can when they noticed movement inside a zipped-up shaving bag.

The worker opened it and found the cat dehydrated inside.

The kitten remains in veterinary care.

"There's no excuse," says SPCA animal protection and outreach officer Erika Paul. "There's no justifiable reason for somebody to take that action."

With enough evidence, Paul says investigators could proceed with a report to recommend criminal charges. But she says they first need an idea of who may have done it before getting involved in the case.

"You know, they had to walk away knowing that there was not a likely good outcome," says Paul.