Another human foot has washed up in the Pacific Northwest on an island about 95 kilometres southeast of Victoria.

According to police in Everett, Wash., major crimes detectives are investigating after the foot was found on the south end of Jetty Island.

The foot, still encased in a boot, was found just after 2 p.m. on New Year's Day by beachgoers.

"Based on its condition, the boot appears to have been in the water for some time," Everett police said in a news release. "Detectives are investigating but cannot establish a definitive timeline or reason for the discovery."

The Snohomish County Medical Examiner's Office is examining the boot and foot to try to establish the identity of the person it detached from.

Human feet washing up on shores in or near B.C. is nothing new.

Last May, a human foot was discovered on a Gabriola Island beach – the 14th such case in the last decade where a foot has washed up on B.C.'s coast.

In December 2017, a man walking his dog in Jordan River found an intact left foot with fibula and tibia still attached inside of a Velcro shoe.

It was later determined to have belonged to a Washington State man who was found dead the previous fall.

In the majority of cases, coroners determined that the people whose feet were found washed up on shorelines did not meet with foul play.