Another human foot has washed up on B.C.'s coast, this time on Gabriola Island.

RCMP say the foot was found by a man walking along a beach near South Road just after noon Sunday.

The man discovered what appeared to be a disarticulated human foot inside a hiking boot that was lodged in a logjam. No other remains were found.

Forensic detectives from Nanaimo RCMP are working with the BC Coroners Service to identify the remains.

Members of a local Gabriola Island Facebook group reporting seeing several RCMP cruisers near South Road on Sunday.

RCMP say no further information is available.

It's the 14th time in the last decade that a human foot has washed up on B.C.'s coast.

Last December, a man walking his dog along the beach in Jordan River discovered an intact left foot, fibula and tibia inside of a Velcro shoe.

That foot was determined to have belonged to a Washington State man who went missing and was later found dead last fall.

According to the BC Coroner's Service, eight of the feet discovered in the last decade have been identified as belonging to six people, none of whom met with foul play.