VICTORIA -- The man who drove his truck into the living room of a Langford home Monday has come forward to explain the crash.

Shane Robertson suffered minor injuries after his Chevrolet pickup truck and trailer careened into the corner of a home in the 2700-block of Sooke Road Monday afternoon.

He tells CTV News that he lost consciousness behind the wheel after suffering a cough syncope, a condition in which the sufferer loses consciousness after a violent cough.

"Extremely scary for me when I woke up and realized I had hit someone's house," Robertson wrote in a social media post after the crash Monday.

"I immediately got out of the truck to check on everybody in the house, fearing the worst."

According to the West Shore RCMP, there were children in the living room at the time but no one in the home was injured.

The truck hit a corner of the house where the electrical and gas utilities enter the home, forcing emergency crews to scramble to cut the power and contain a gas leak.

Sooke Road was closed for hours as workers evacuated the area and removed the truck and trailer from the property.

"I am so grateful to say that the family that lived there were shaken up but uninjured and I will be reaching out to them to make sure they're taken care of," Robertson said.

The 52-year-old man thanked first responders and said that due to his medical condition, he may never drive again.

Jennifer Stevenson and her two daughters were in the living sorting through Halloween candy when the unthinkable happened.

“It sounded like a big explosion. I saw it come straight in,” she said.

One daughter was sitting on the couch against the wall the truck hit. “Her body flew away from it…I ran and caught her,” said Stevenson.

Now they can’t return home for weeks and are struggling to find a place to stay in Langford.

"There is big damage throughout," she said.

Stevenson said they want to stay in the neighbourhood because her daughters go to school near Sooke Road.

“The priority is basically knowing where we are going to wake up tomorrow and how to get the kids to school from there,” said Stevenson.

They only had five minutes to pack up all their belongings and only have a few pieces of clothing, she said.

“I saw it come straight it and saw all the glass fly out,” said Jennifer Stevenson.

One of her daughters was sitting on this couch when the truck crashed into their home off Sooke Road.