Despite tickets being issued since snow started blanketing coastal communities in B.C., drivers still don't appear to be getting the message about clearing their cars.

Video has surfaced on Twitter of a car covered in deep snow driving on the Trans-Canada Highway near Langford.

Candace Verners said she was leaving Costco and heading onto the highway at the Millstream Overpass when she spotted the vehicle.

"He cut us off, and that's how we noticed him," she said.

From the passenger seat, Verners filmed the sedan driving on the highway with what she described as a foot of snow covering the roof and back windshield.

"He was that I was recording, and they looked over and they smiled and kind of laughed, and that's when I think you can hear me say 'wave,'" she said.

Verners said she posted the video to social media to show other drivers of the danger they pose to others if they don't clear snow off their cars.

The video comes during a week where police around Vancouver Island have been warning drivers to clear off their cars.

In Nanaimo on Wednesday, police pulled over a truck driver whose back window and license plate were obscured by snow, issuing the driver a $109 fine for Driving While View Obstructed.