VICTORIA -- Mounties on Vancouver Island arranged a hasty escort Friday to guide a wandering black bear off the streets and back into the bush.

A video of the incident was posted to the Town of Ladysmith’s Facebook page and showed two RCMP cruisers, with lights activated, driving slowly alongside the errant bear on 2nd Avenue.

The bear then entered the Ladysmith Cemetery where it vanished into the trees, according to the municipality.

“We're grateful here on Vancouver Island to live among nature and that sometimes means coming into contact with wildlife,” municipal staff wrote.

“You can help manage encounters with black bears by limiting attractants left outside like garbage cans and compost bins.”

The town asks residents to report encounters with potentially dangerous wildlife to the B.C. Conservation Officer Service at 1-877-952-7277, or the Ladysmith RCMP at 250-245-2215.