A kitten left for dead in a trash bin at a Victoria mall is rebounding after testing positive for meth, according to the man who rescued her.

The feline was found in early June in a garbage bin at Hillside Shopping Centre by Brian Boria, a maintenance worker at the mall.

He was about to empty the bin when he noticed a zipped-up shaving bag and looked inside to find the badly dehydrated cat.

The kitten was taken into care and veterinarians determined methamphetamines were present in her urine.

"It ingested it somehow, whether through accidental ingestion or somebody fed it," said Victoria Animal Control Services Officer Ian Fraser.

The kitten has since been named Lily and she's doing "really well" in recovery, said Boria, who visits her frequently.

Brian Boria kitten

Brian Boria holds Lily, a kitten he found dumped in a garbage bin at Hillside Shopping Centre in Victoria. June 11, 2019. (Courtesy Brian Boria)

"She has made a new friend and is bullying two dogs by stealing their toys," he told CTV News. "She just figured out how to use the stairs and was playing for hours."

Lily is also eating "like a pig" which is encouraging to see, said Borai.

It remains unclear as to how the kitten ended up in the garbage bin.

The BC SPCA says with enough evidence, investigators could recommend criminal charges if someone intentionally left the cat for dead.