VICTORIA -- A dozen dogs have been seized from a Vancouver Island breeder due to the poor conditions they were kept in, according to the BC SPCA.

Animal protection officers removed four adult dogs, including pregnant females, and eight three-month old puppies after receiving a complaint about the breeder from the public.

“Our officers attended the property on Feb. 2 and found several concerns, including suspected parvovirus, signs of neurological issues, lameness, eye infections, severe dental disease and ear infections,” said Eileen Drever of the BC SPCA in a statement Wednesday.

The animals are Chihuahua crosses and one Shih-Tzu cross.

Vancouver Island dogs

Parvovirus is a highly contagious and potentially deadly virus that causes gastrointestinal illness in dogs, the BC SPCA says.

“In response to a public complaint, the animals were taken to local veterinary facilities for examination and treatment and are receiving ongoing care at the BC SPCA in Victoria,” Drever said. “The pregnant females and mothers with pups will be transferred to SPCA foster homes for around-the-clock support.”

The BC SPCA says its investigation into the case continues and the dogs are not available for adoption at this time. 

Vancouver Island SPCA dogs