Victoria police are warning the public that a second person was pricked by a syringe just a day after it happened to a toddler at a downtown McDonald's.

Police say a woman was walking her dog in the 700-block of Pembroke Street Tuesday night when the pet went after a paper bag next to a garbage can.

She grabbed the bag away from the dog and felt a needle prick her hand.

When she looked inside the bag she saw several capped and uncapped syringes.

The woman was taken to hospital to get checked out.

The bag did not appear to have been placed there with malicious intent and it's likely it was improperly disposed of, according to Victoria police.

It happened a day after a three-year-old was poked by a needle at a McDonald's restaurant in the 900-block of Pandora Avenue.

The child was taken to hospital for testing and the business's owner released a statement saying it was cooperating with police and had been in contact with the family.

Police are using the incident to provide information on how to dispose of syringes properly.

Victoria Public Works crews will pick up needles on any public property and can be reached at 250-361-0400, according to the city's website.

For removal of syringes on private property downtown, the Downtown Victoria Business Association Clean Team can be contacted at 250-386-2238.

For more information, visit the City of Victoria's website.