VICTORIA -- As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to place mounting pressure on health-care workers, the island community is doing all it can to show support for those on the frontlines.

That’s why one local bike shop helped replace an island health-care worker’s bicycle after it was stolen.

In a social media post, Oak Bay Bicycles said that it heard a story about a local health-care worker, Becky, who discovered that her bike was stolen after she came off of a 12-hour shift.

Once the shop heard about Becky’s situation, it got in touch with Norco Bicycles who donated a bike for the health-core worker. Oak Bay Bicycles then kitted the bike with a lock, rack, fenders and lights.

The bike shop now says that all health-care workers will be given service priority for the foreseeable future and will be given a free loaner while their bike is being serviced if needed.

Like most stores, Oak Bay Bicycles has taken steps to help stop the spread of the COVID-19, including changing its hours of business and limiting the number of people in the shop at once. The business is also asking that appointments be made for service drop-offs as well as for bike shopping.

For more information call or visit the shop’s website here.