VICTORIA -- The Victoria Caledonian Distillery is partnering with a Vancouver Island business to launch Canada’s first-ever seaweed peated whisky.

Vancouver Island Cascadia Seaweed will provide the distillery with fresh local seaweed, which will then be smoked and infused with barley to produce a one-of-a-kind west coast twist on traditional Islay peated whisky.

Mike Williamson, president and CEO of Cascaida Seaweed, says that the whisky will make good use of a plentiful local resource.

“It’s fresh, it’s tasty, there is no additives,” said Williamson. “It’s organic. It’s just a great use of the bounty of the sea and what’s available to us in British Columbia.”

seaweed whisky

According to Victoria Caledonian Distillery, the seaweed peated whisky will be the first of its kind in Canada, and perhaps even in the world.

“What we want to do with this seaweed approach is take this incredible peat smoked flavour and now add the essence of the Vancouver Island ocean to the flavours of it,” said Graeme Macaloney, Victoria Caledonian Distillery founder and whisky maker.

“So, you get hints of salt. You might even get some seaweed notes but certainly the essence of the ocean should come out in the flavour profile,” he said.

It’ll be about one year before the unique whisky can be found on shelves, as the seaweed needs time to infuse with other ingredients.