VICTORIA -- Many of us are proud of our pandemic projects, all the things we wouldn't normally have been able to do without some extra time on our hands.

Now, one particularly skilled pair of hands has just put the finishing touches on an incredible treehouse in Sooke, B.C.

Tyler Bohn is a carpenter by trade and started building his children a treehouse when the pandemic first began.

"By the time we got going on it, it just ended up being too nice for the kids," he told CTV News on Wednesday.

While the mention of a treehouse may bring to mind images of a rickety, homemade structure, Bohn's treehouse is anything but.

"It's an open concept loft treehouse thing?" Bohn said, describing the treehouse.

"I just used the codebook and kind of designed it. I flipped through the internet and some pictures I liked, then just put it all together," he said.

The treehouse features a living room, kitchen and a loft-style master bedroom.

It even has a TV and electricity to enjoy creature comforts more associated with a house than a treehouse.

After the treehouse was completed, Bohn and co-owner Madison Gronter began renting it out as an Airbnb.

It opened to guests on April 1 and was an instant hit.

"We had our first couple of months booked before we even opened," said Gronter.

The pair say the treehouse has so far been a success, and they enjoy reading the comments left in their guestbook.

"We're getting a lot of great reactions," said Gronter.