They’ve only been open for two months but the owners of a new resort in downtown Tofino feel they have a success on their hands.

Peter and Ashleigh Clarke constructed six dome-like structures on property they own along the waterfront and opened their WildPod resort.

Peter says he and his wife first came up with the idea after having a “really terrible” experience staying in a yurt in the English countryside.

He says despite it being dark, damp and viewless, the couple had an amazing time and knew they would have a success if they created something in Tofino that offered great views and luxurious accommodations.

The geodesic dome structures are made from a steel-reinforced frame covered with a high-grade PVC membrane.

“It’s been fantastic,” Peter said. “We’ve been overwhelmed by the response. We always felt we created something that we would love to stay at.”

Each of the six units contains a kitchenette, washroom and fireplace.

“I think what people are most surprised about is the interiors because we’ve tried to do it kind of like a boutique hotel,” Ashleigh said. “It has the kind of juxtaposition of being in nature, but you feel like you’re in quite a glamorous space”.

The pods are the latest addition to a growing number of facilities in the Tofino-Ucluelet area that offer “glamping” opportunities.

“As the population ages, people are looking for different travel experiences,” said Vancouver Island Tourism Association president and CEO Anthony Everett. “It’s very popular and Vancouver Island is the perfect place for something like that.”

While WildPod started their operation from scratch, other operators are adding tents and yurts to their existing facilities which Everett believes will become even more common.

“I think there’s a lot of space for business models and it’s not just on Vancouver Island. There’s places around the province that this is the perfect fit. You’re even seeing it at B.C. parks now where you can hire someone to set up your ‘glamp.’”