A weed harvester was hard at work around Elk Lake on Wednesday, working to control the weeds that have been building up in the water.

The green machine was brought over from Wisconsin in May for about $300,000.

CRD Regional Parks says the weed harvester will improve the water quality of the lake in an environmentally sustainable way.

“In 2016 CRD will be supporting a part-time coordinator, who will bring all the stakeholders together and work on water quality and try to reduce nitrogen levels and those kinds of things as well,” parks operations manager Jim Bell said.

The Capital Regional District is looking to run the harvester at least two to three days a week to clear the weeds out of Elk/Beaver Lake.

The machine will also enhance recreational abilities.

“Weed harvesting has increased the abilities for anglers and opportunities for swimmers as well as the rowing community,” Bell told CTV News.

The Victoria City Rowing Club says the weeds grow heavily starting in about April and prevent rowers from getting into the channel, causing a safety hazard.

“It forces all the users of the lake system into one area where we come into conflict with each other,” the club’s Brenda Taylor said.

The CRD is also looking into working with local farmers and using the weeds as an organic fertilizer.