VICTORIA - Twitter has suspended an account created to poke fun at BC Ferries due to trademark infringement.

@BCFerrys had a following of more than 3,200 followers and would often tweet satire of the service.  BC Ferries' real account is @BCFerries, which has a following of more than 36,600 people.

Many took to Twitter to express their disappointment Tuesday.

In a statement to CTV Vancouver Island, BC Ferries wrote:

"We filed a “trademark infringement” with Twitter regarding the handle @BCFerrys.
@BCFerrys was using a logo that is trademarked by BC Ferries (upside down version of the dogwood logo)
@BCFerrys has at times been confused with @BCFerries for those customers not familiar with the difference between the two accounts. Members of the media have also been confused.  
Our twitter account @BCFerries is used to convey important safety and operational information to our customers.  
We certainly have a sense of humour, but it is important that customers are able to find accurate information quickly and easily."