Police in Oak Bay have jokingly offered to take Mounties from the soon-to-be-defunct Surrey RCMP.

Surrey's new council and mayor Doug McCallum passed a motion Monday night to replace the city's RCMP detachment with a municipal police force at a cost of about $120 million.

While McCallum believes the switch to a police force can be completed within the next two years, Oak Bay police didn't waste any time reaching out to Mounties on Twitter.

"Hey @SurreyRCMP members!" the detachment tweeted along with a link to a job posting and a fitting animated GIF from The Simpsons.

Surrey RCMP's Twitter account couldn't resist an equally funny reply, tweeting back "D'oh! @OakBayPolice too soon," with a clip of Homer Simpson sobbing.

The exchange didn't stop there, though.

The hilarious back-and-forth caught the attention of others online, with one commenting that whoever is running both force's Twitter accounts deserves a pay raise.

The Oak Bay police job posting will remain up until Nov. 15. The detachment says it's looking for experienced officers from RCMP or municipal police forces around B.C.