There is a hustle and bustle at a shoe drive on the lawn of Oak Bay City Hall, and at its centre is Chloe Cameron.

The whole thing was her idea.

At first, when asked why she launched a shoe drive, she sounds like any other kind-hearted eight year old.

“When I grow up I want to be a doctor and I want to make the world better,” said Chloe.

But the youngster isn’t waiting until she grows up to make a difference.

She started the Kind Kids Club with her younger sister Lucy three years ago, at the ripe old age of five.

With children, these kinds of things can start strong but taper out, but not in Chloe’s case.

The club has already done fundraising with lemonade stands and selling lilacs.

They also make Christmas cards for Oak Bay Lodge residents every December.

“It's a club where a bunch of kids gather together and you kind of do good things,” explained Chloe with a kind of simplicity which makes it seem, well, obvious.

She was inspired to start her Kind Kids Club by a walk downtown with her mother.

“We saw some people on the sidewalks in sleeping bags, and they didn’t look very happy, so that’s when I got the idea, me and my sister set it up,” said Chloe.

She is building on a larger movement of Kind Kids Clubs, launched by teachers and students in communities across North America.

They often promote random acts of kindness, but Chloe has taken it to a new level.

“Chloe is an inspirational eight year old,” said Emily Horton, Chloe’s neighbour. “She is great at getting other kids on board to do amazing things, whether it is making cards for seniors or collecting shoes and we are lucky to have her."

Chloe’s latest effort appears to be her most successful yet.

“It’s pretty big,” acknowledged Chloe.

“It feels pretty good, it’s going to help a lot of people,”

She counted about 200 pairs of shoes which, with the help of some grown ups, will be distributed to the Single Family Resource Centre, Women in Need, and Our Place.

The idea for the shoe drive came to Chloe last Christmas.

“Me and my uncle were driving around giving out Tim Horton cards for Christmas to the unforuntate people and I saw a lady without shoes. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile,” she said.

Chloe said those in need should know the Kind Kids Club is here to stay.

“They can count on us to get the people the things they need.”