VICTORIA -- Bushwhacking through a deep green coastal forest, scrambling down slick seaside rocks and facing the brunt of a Pacific storm all paid off for a Vancouver Island photographer when he carefully aimed his telephoto lens oceanward on Sunday.

Victoria's TJ Watt has captured coastal wolves, whales, kermode bears and even elusive cougars in his viewfinder before, but this past weekend he witnessed a rare rumbling which he says only mother nature could deliver.

"After carefully making my way through the forest and down the beach, I used a telephoto lens to photograph the huge explosions and wild waves lashing the coast," Watt told CTV News Vancouver Island.

"The thundering roar shook you to the core!"

On the outer west coast of Vancouver Island, near Port Renfrew, Watt captured in his lens what could only be described as a detonation of waves against the island's rocky coastline.

The photographer, along with meteorologists, watched as a powerful storm – packing high winds and massive waves – pummelled parts of Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland over the weekend.

Watt's carefully composed snapshots show churning water slamming into jagged rocks, sending misty white spray hurdling 40 metres into the sky.

"I saw a swell forecast of almost seven metres along with a king tide and knew that would mean massive waves, so I zipped out to the coast near Port Renfrew to capture the action," said Watt.

"There's a blend of both terrifying power and serene beauty in wild weather that leaves one feeling supercharged and humbled at the same time," he said.

On Monday, the professional photographer posted a few of his snapshots on his Facebook page.

Already, the displays of raw ocean chaos have garnered thousands of views and hundreds of shares.

"Capturing magic moments amongst the chaos and sharing it with others brings me great joy. We should all do our best to savour and celebrate mother nature at every chance we get," said Watt.

To see more of Watt's work, visit his website here.