VANCOUVER - Picket lines will continue outside of Saanich schools on Monday, cancelling school for the sixth school day in a row as support workers and the Saanich School District continue to negotiate.

After a week of strike action by the Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 411, which represents support staff in the district, some students now say they're sick of staying home from school.

"I'm worried that I'm going to fall behind," student Cayden Moeller told CTV News Vancouver Island.

"When you're my age, there's that feeling like, 'Woo hoo, no school,'" Moeller said. "Then, after a while, the boredom sets in and you want to go back to school."

This week, instead of sitting at home, Moeller and fellow student Connor McCune will be among several students and their parents who join the picket line to support striking support staff.

While Saanich teachers are not on strike, school has been cancelled because the teachers union will not cross the support staff's picket line.

"I'm going to support everybody by holding my sign," said McCune.

His cardboard sign reads "even a second-grader knows what's fair."

As negotiations continue, fairness is something the two sides will need to figure out how to achieve.

On Sunday, provincial Minister of Education Rob Fleming said there's not a lot of wiggle-room at the negotiating table, but he's hopeful that a deal will be reached.

"We hope this is over as soon as possible," Fleming said. "The government - through the employment agency - has done everything it can."

With files from CTV News Vancouver Island's Sarah Reid.