A state-of-the-art marine expedition vessel, the National Geographic Venture, was spotted in Victoria's Inner Harbour Thursday.

The 73-metre luxury tour boat has docked on Vancouver Island as part of its travels along the coast of North America.

The ship, built in 2018, is designed to meet precise expedition needs without sacrificing comfort as it sails from Alaska and B.C. during in the summer and to California, Costa Rica and beyond during the winter. 

The vessel, which can hold 100 guests in 50 cabin suites, was also specifically designed to be slimmer than other ships to help it navigate through narrow inlets like those found on B.C.'s coast.

AdventureSmith Explorations, the tour company which offers "adventure cruise vacations" aboard the National Geographic Venture, offers two tours that visit Victoria. One is a lengthy 15-day cruise that makes its way to Alaska, B.C. and Washington state, and the other is a shorter eight-day cruise that focuses on B.C. and the San Juan Islands.

"Cruise to spectacular, remote islands and sail through channels that teem with sea life, plus visit charming towns and First Nations heritage sites," reads AdventureSmith's description of the eight-day B.C.-focused cruise.

The National Geographic Venture is expected to remain in Victoria for just one day.

According to the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority (GVHA), the ship arrived on Thursday morning and will shove off in the evening.