A bear cub found malnourished and cuddling up to its dead mother in Tofino last month is recovering well, a Vancouver Island wildlife centre says.

The North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre posted a video on Tuesday of the cub playing a little tug-of-war with a rope at its rescue centre in Errington.

The organization says the little bear is doing well and that it's healthy, active and playful.

On May 25, a couple came across the cub in Ross Bay.

They said it was about the size of a small dog and was starving, scared and still trying to nurse from its mother's dead body.

The couple contacted conservation officers, who said if it had been one more day the cub likely would have died from malnourishment.

It was then taken to the wildlife recovery centre, where staff have been nursing it back to health.

The cub, dubbed "Malcolm," is expected to stay at the centre for around 18 months before it's released back into the wild.