A BC Ferries worker has documented just how cold conditions can get in BC’s north during a weekend sailing between Ocean Falls and Bella Coola.

Todd Nickless posted photos to social media of ice build-up on the bow of the MV Nimpkish as well as on vehicles that were on the front of the car deck as it made its weekly sailing between the two northern communities.

“I don’t recall seeing a photo quite that amazing.” Ferries Public Affairs Executive Director Deborah Marshall says. “We were about three hours out from Bella Coola, there was an accumulation of sea spray as well as ice.”

Marshall says the number one priority for crews working on the sailing is to ensure that all radar, navigation and life-saving equipment is kept clear of the ice. She says crews then make sure passengers have a safe walking route on the vessel.

Foot passenger Amy Tallio agreed the crew did an amazing job. “They’re awesome guys, I hold my hands up to them. They were in and out of the ferry constantly, they were going down to check the engine, they were goint out to make sure the doors weren’t blocking, freezing shut”.

Environment Canada indicates temperatures in the area dipped to -17.5 Celsius which was then combined with strong winds.

Marshall says the crew did a great job given the unusual circumstances.