NANAIMO -- Popular DJ Mat Andrew, known as Mat The Alien in the music world, is currently in intensive care in Vancouver after a serious mountain bike crash in Nanaimo.

"He’s paralyzed from the chest down and has movement in his arms," Mat's sister-in-law Justine Andrew told CTV News. "Doctors have told us he is unlikely to walk again."

The accident happened Oct. 2 in the Nanaimo area when family says Mat was trying to go down a drop and lost control of his bike, going over his handlebars.

He was taken to Nanaimo Regional General Hospital by ambulance and later airlifted to Vancouver General Hospital where he remains.

Family set up a GoFundMe page Monday to help with his recovery. The fundraiser had received more than $118,000 of its $200,000 goal by Wednesday afternoon.

Mat the Alien support

“We are honestly blown away by the rallying and support from everyone in Mat’s circle of friends, family and people that don't even know him but have heard about him,” says Molly Andrew, the DJ's niece and the GoFundMe page organizer.

‘Mat The Alien’ has been a mainstay in the Canadian DJ scene for years and has performed at festivals such as the Shambhala festival in Nelson, B.C. and the Bass Coast festival in Merritt, B.C.

Several well-known DJs have taken to social media to show their love and support for his recovery as well.

“Just seeing the photos and messages, it shows what an amazing person he is and how loved he is by so many different communities,” said Molly Andrew.

Since the accident, Mat has been on a ventilator but has been able to communicate with family and medical staff. They are hopeful he will be able to breathe on his own in the next couple of days.