As police continue their investigation into a former Victoria-area nanny charged with sexual offences against young kids, new details are coming to light about his possible work history.

Johnathon Lee Robichaud, 30, is charged with sexual interference, invitation to sexual touching and making sexually explicit material available to a child, Saanich police announced Friday.

"We started investigating in July after a complaint from some parents who came forward with their two small children, who are both under 10, that they may have been exposed to an individual who was sexually exploiting them," said Saanich police spokeswoman Sgt. Julie Fast.

The alleged offences occurred between Sept. 1, 2017 and July 13, 2018, according to court documents.

Police say during the course of their investigation, they uncovered significant amounts of images and videos containing sexually explicit material involving children.

But they say just because Robichaud has been charged does not mean the investigation is over.

"The investigation continues because we truly believe that there are more victims out there," said Fast.

Police in Central Saanich and Victoria are also helping out with the case, because Robichaud had plenty of contact with kids in various communities.

"He may have lived in Central Saanich but he had connections throughout the community through work or volunteer, and that brought him down into Saanich and Victoria also assisted in this investigation," said Fast. "Employment opportunities through rec centres, volunteer opportunities in those same clubs…offered nanny services, advertised those services online."

Posts on Robichaud's social media accounts suggest he may have acted as a camp counsellor years ago at Nanoose Bay Camp, and he has worked as a photographer for various families.

"I can't believe that police haven't come here and at least let us know that," said Cindy Sherbrooke, Robichaud's neighbour. "As you can see, we have kids here, right across the street."

Robichaud wasn't at his Central Saanich home Monday and didn't answer calls to the cell phone numbers listed for his photography business.

He is currently under court-ordered conditions prohibiting him from having any contact with children under the age of 16 or attending recreation centres, daycares, schools, churches, parks, or anywhere a child under the age of 16 could be found.

Police are asking any parents whose children may have had unsupervised contact with Robichaud to contact them at 250-475-4756.