The BC Conservation Officer Service is determining whether it will launch an investigation after at least 50 dead Canada geese were found dumped in Errington.

The pile of goose carcasses was discovered by residents on a trail in the area of Errington road at Dunn Road.

One person reported in a local Facebook group that they heard gun fire and "the screaming of the geese" before coming across the grisly sight the next day.

The conservation officer service said it would look at the matter to determine whether an investigation was warranted, but according to B.C. wildlife laws, it might not be.

Migratory bird hunting is legal in Canada, with a daily bag limit of 10 and possession limit of 30 on Vancouver Island, according to the Ministry of Environment. Hunters must first obtain a provincial hunting licence and federal hunting permit.

For the Nanaimo and Errington areas, the latest open season for Canada geese ended on March 10. It's unclear whether the geese were killed before or after that date.

According to the ministry, hunters also commit an offence if they hunt and kill game birds and fail to make a reasonable effort to remove the edible portions of the bird.

Hunters who looked at the carcasses with CTV News Tuesday said the thighs and feet and chest appeared to be removed from the birds.

The ministry said no determination has yet been made as to whether those responsible committed an offence intheir disposal method.

It's reminding the public that any reports of suspected violations should go to the conservation office's Report All Poachers and Polluters hotline at 1-877-952-7277.