A Victoria man who was once acquitted for charges of dangerous driving on a Vancouver Island highway has been charged with unlawfully feeding wildlife.

Court records show Randy Scott and co-accused Megan Hiltz face one count of feeding or attempting to feed dangerous wildlife.

B.C.'s Conservation Officer Service posted about the charges on Facebook along with a photo of a person feeding a bear the mini Tim Hortons' donuts.

"During the summer of 2017, BCCOS in the Peace region received complaints regarding individuals posting pictures on social media of bears being unlawfully fed," the service wrote. "Yesterday charges were laid under the BC Wildlife Act concerning this matter."

Scott's Facebook profile still shows a photo of a tattooed arm feeding a bear a donut out of what appears to be a car window.

In a June 12 post that has since been removed, he remarked that he had "Thousand timbits ready for bear feeding."

randy scott bears timbits

A now-deleted Facebook post shows photos of a bin of Timbits being fed to bears in B.C.'s Peace region. (Facebook) 

He also responded to comments on the photos saying "These guys are at the very top of bc. No tourists or traffic so you can do what you want totally alone with them."

The BC Wildlife Act prohibits people from intentionally feeding or trying to feed dangerous wildlife like bears and cougars.

In 2013, Scott was charged with dangerous driving after a video of a motorcycle racing nearly 300 kilometres an hour in Greater Victoria attracted hundreds of thousands of views online.

While police believed he shot the video, they couldn’t prove that he was driving the bike at the time and Scott was acquitted of the charges.

Then in 2015, police seized Scott's 2005 Lamborghini for going twice the posted speed limit on the Trans-Canada Highway in Saanich. 

The pair are scheduled to appear in a Fort Nelson court on Nov. 5 to answer to the BC Wildlife Act charge, according to the conservation service.