VICTORIA -- The City of Victoria says cyclists have clocked more than one million trips on the Pandora Avenue bike lanes since the city opened them more than two years ago.

The city said Wednesday that the Pandora lanes see an average of more than 1,100 cycling trips per day, and more than 35,000 trips per month.

“This is a significant mobility milestone for our city and demonstrates why our cycling network is so important," said Mayor Lisa Helps in a news release Wednesday.

"Simply put – people want to use it."

Since the Pandora Street lanes opened on May 1, 2017, more cycling lanes have opened on Fort Street, Wharf Street and Humboldt Street.

Bike lanes on Vancouver, Harbour, Graham and Jackson streets are expected to be completed next year.

The city says cycling infrastructure is among the most cost-effective and efficient ways to move people around the region, and benefits the community by decreasing air pollution, traffic congestion and noise.

Not everyone is a fan of the cycling lanes, however.

On Friday, Premier John Horgan told CTV News that he has noticed increased traffic congestion downtown since the lanes opened.

"I'm finding I'm spending a lot more time between Bay Street and Menzies, just trying to get through town," Horgan said.

The premier, who is an avid cyclist, said he is not opposed to the bike lanes, per se.

"I do think that sometimes you've got to look at what the consequences are of that infrastructure on other activities," he said.