Heavy equipment tore at the remains of the Salmon Point Restaurant and Pub on Friday, four months after it was heavily damaged by fire.

The business was destroyed by an early morning fire on March 1, the cause of which still hasn't been determined.

Campbell River RCMP will only confirm that their investigation is ongoing.

Jim Flohr is the pub's owner, but not the owner of the building the business was located in. He's anxious about the slow progress in getting his business back up and running.

"We're very frustrated at how long this has taken," Flohr said. "We would like to have seen it happen a lot sooner."

Flohr, who coincidentally is also a volunteer with the Oyster River Fire Department, says he and his staff immediately began to talk about rebuilding the business even as it was in the process of burning.

Hesaid he's happy that all his employees have since been able to find hospitality jobs elsewhere.

The businessman said he has been under considerable stress since the fire and is constantly trying to figure out how the fire started.

The RCMP asked Flohr to take a polygraph test to eliminate any possibility he was involved in the blaze. Flohr says he passed that test.