VICTORIA -- Two new Coast Guard vessels have arrived on Vancouver Island and are now undergoing preparations for deployment later this year to remote B.C. rescue stations in Hartley Bay and Tahsis.

The search-and-rescue vessels arrived in Victoria on Tuesday aboard the Atlantic Condor, a transport ship that left Dartmouth, N.S. with the cargo on Feb 18.

The new “Bay Class” vessels – CCGS Cadboro Bay and CCGS Florencia Bay – are high-endurance lifeboats that will respond to distress calls and conduct marine searches up to 100 nautical miles from shore.

The vessels will also be equipped to respond to marine pollution incidents such as oil spills.

The vessels are 19 metres long, have top speed of 25 knots and can self-right if capsized, according to the Coast Guard.

The vessel destined for Tahsis, on Vancouver Island’s remote northwest coast, is expected to deploy to the region in late spring, while the Hartley Bay vessel is expected to deploy to B.C.’s northwest coast later this year.

Before deployment, Coast Guard crews will be training on the vessels in and around Victoria.

The vessels are among 20 new search-and-rescue lifeboats the Coast Guard is receiving as part of a fleet renewal program. To date, eight of the new vessels have been delivered across the country.