The pig has spoken, with its tummy. 

After spending the better part of January in B.C.’s media spotlight, Theo the 949-pound pig who journeyed to Vancouver Island to find shelter and love has made his pick for Super Bowl LIII. 

Theo’s going with the Patriots. 

The prediction was made Wednesday at Theo’s new home in Duncan at the Home for Hooves Animal Sanctuary. 

With permission from the Sanctuary’s founder Michelle Singleton, two Super Bowl inspired cookies baked and designed at Duncan’s Save-On-Foods were used to make the prognosis. 

Once the cookies were in place, propped up away from Theo on opposite ends of Theo’s pen, it was all up to the big pig.

The prediction, however, didn’t come easy. Theo, who seems to enjoy spending his days snoring in bed, did not appear interested in following in the footsteps of so many other animals who have predicted the outcome of the NFL’s most anticipated game. 

Theo’s reluctance to participate could be seen as odd, considering the pig is roughly 100-pounds overweight. Cookies are not a part of Theo’s diet these days. This was a treat. 

Eventually, after a little coaxing from his owner, and a sniff of the Los Angeles Rams cookie, Theo was up on all fours. 

Slowly but surely Theo began his slow waddle toward his selection. Without hesitation the large pig began lumbering toward the cookies, at one point staring down the Los Angeles Rams’ option before making a quick left, and a decision. 

Seconds later the New England cookie had been devoured. 

Last week Theo officially became a Vancouver islander after being adopted by the animal sanctuary in Duncan. Prior to his arrival he had spent 224 days under the care of the Langley Animal Protection Society after being discovered running down a highway. It’s unclear how he got to the highway. 

The hope was that in Duncan, Theo, who hasn’t been around other pigs, may be able to make a connection with another pig named Lillian. 

According to Theo’s new owner, the two are getting along extremely well.

Super Bowl LIII between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams can be seen on CTV2 beginning at 3:00 p.m. this Sunday.