The man who killed a West Shore Mountie in a drunk-driving crash two years ago has been sentenced to an additional 18 months in custody for another crash that took place a month later.

Kenneth Jacob Fenton will be serving an extra 18 months after serving a four-year sentence for the death of Const. Sarah Beckett.

Last month, Fenton plead guilty to two charges relating to the May 22, 2016 crash on Goldstream Heights Drive.

The charges were driving over .08 causing an accident resulting in bodily harm and flight causing bodily harm.

While Fenton's lawyers were asking for a 12-month sentence, court sided with Crown attorneys who asked for 18 months of jail time.

Court stated Fenton choosing to drink and drive again after the first crash played a factor in this sentencing.

Beckett’s husband Brad Aschenbrenner requested to submit a victim impact statement in the latest hearing, but a judge denied his request.

In his statement, which he provided to media outlets, Aschenbrenner said “I am having difficulty moving on given the ridiculously short sentence the offender was given for his previous offense, and feel that justice was not served.”

“I am deeply concerned that if this repeat offender is given anything less than the maximum allowable sentence it will send him a message that his behavior resulted in only a mild consequence and is therefore somehow acceptable.”

Fenton is currently serving the four-year sentence for the crash that killed Beckett. He claims he doesn’t drink anymore and is in an Alcoholics Anonymous program.

Fenton is also facing a total of $1,500 in fines and will be getting a 5-year driving prohibition after he’s out of jail. He is also not allowed to own any firearms or crossbows.

Read Aschenbrenner's full statement below: