His job is to install zip lines around the world but Levis Painter is particularly excited about the one he's putting in at Mount Washington Alpine Resort.

"Where you get to go on the mountain is what's going to be exciting," Painter says. "It's also pretty steep so it'll feel like quite the ride."

Utah-based Ziprider is the firm that began working on the $3.8-million installation last fall.

There will be four stages to the ride, beginning from the resort's peak at the top of the Eagle Chair and then making its way down 415 metres – or more than 1,300 vertical feet – ending on the roof of the ski school building.

"This will reach you up to speeds of 100 km/h if you can get it right," says the resort's Sheila Rivers. "These lines run parallel, which means you and your friend can go at the same time, which is really exciting."

Crews are working on the fourth and final stage of the run and then will work backwards up the mountain to complete the other three.

July's wet weather has been creating some problems for the installation crew but the hope is to have the two end stages of the run completed before the end of the summer.

Interested riders are asked to keep an eye on the resort's website for up-to-date estimates on the line's opening.

Rivers says the Mount Washington zipline will be called "Eagle's Flight" and will be the longest and steepest zipline on Vancouver Island. She says rates at this point are set for $129 per adult to run the four spans.