Chalk up another shout-out for the capital city courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel. 

In a behind-the-scenes video posted on the Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube page, the late-night host once again has some nice things to say about Victoria. 

As he chats with the audience, Kimmel narrows in on Dorothy, who is celebrating her 97th birthday. 

“You look fantastic,” he says after learning her age. He incorrectly guessed she was 73. 

Kimmel’s number skills are quickly redeemed when he correctly pegs her birth year as 1922. 

In the brief interaction Kimmel asks a number of random questions including how old Dorothy was when TV “became a thing” and what she had to eat today (she had granola, yogurt, and orange juice).

When Kimmel eventually asks where she lives, Dorothy tells him Victoria, which Kimmel then calls “beautiful”. 

Back in March 2017, Kimmel had a similar interaction with a mother and daughter duo from Victoria who were in his audience.

He told them he had been to Victoria before, mentioning that you arrive on a ferry and you see a “big castle”. The women suspected the castle was the Fairmont Empress, and assumed Kimmel had arrived on the Clipper or the Coho. 

As for Dorothy, she also tells Kimmel that she grew up on the prairies before moving to Victoria. 

When he asks what the secret to a long-life is, Dorothy responds, “probably your ancestors."