VICTORIA -- With schools on hold and families spending their days in isolation, hosting celebrations such as birthdays for young children can be problematic. But, one local woman is hoping to change that.

Krista Hack has created a Facebook Group called "Campbell River & areas party parade" as a way to link those confined to their homes unable to celebrate with strangers who are willing to bring joy to others.

"It makes it all worthwhile because kids don't understand," said Hack. "They just have their friends, they go to school, they play, they don't understand why they can't play with their friends."

The group members convene around the corner from where their efforts have been requested at a pre-determined time and then, with everyone staying in their vehicles, they parade by the home.

Some of the vehicles have display signs and birthday greetings.

"You are still adhering to social distancing because you're in your car and you're not getting other people to go in your car," said Hack.

Hack has time to coordinate the group after being laid off from her two part-time jobs due to COVID-19.

"I'm a workaholic, I can't just not be doing something," she said. "But, I still wanted to adhere to social distancing and self-isolation. But, every once in awhile I got into my car and listend to music and I thought, 'Why can't we make something positive out of this?'"

On Tuesday evening, Sarah Day and her five-year-old daughter, Natalie, were taking part in a parade, 'paying it forward' after Natalie was on the receiving end of a drive-by on Monday.

"It was really cute, it just made it very special and I think next year (Natalie) will want another parade," said Day.