VICTORIA -- The Victoria Police Department has confirmed new details about what triggered an investigation into the conduct of at least one of its officers.

The department said Friday its professional standards section was leading the probe.

The investigation was sparked after Victoria patrol officers were called to the 1000-block of Pandora Avenue on May 12.

The attending officers witnessed a man "throw a garbage can into moving traffic on Pandora Avenue, and then a second garbage can onto a pedestrian-occupied sidewalk," Victoria police spokesperson Const. Cam MacIntyre said in a statement Friday.

The officers arrested the man for mischief and handcuffed him, MacIntyre said.

"The man was uncooperative while under escort but was ultimately moved to a police vehicle and transported to cells," MacIntrye added. "He was later released without charges. The man received no injuries during the interaction. "

The Office of the Police Complaints Commissioner has been notified of the incident.

Cameron Loveless, the OPCC's manager of investigatve analysts, told CTV News the investigation involves "the arrest and handling of a handcuffed person by two Victoria police officers."

Loveless said the complaint originated with a member of the public.

Victoria police say the investigation is unrelated to a separate criminal investigation into the conduct of one of its officers. That investigation by the OPCC is ongoing and the officer has been suspended from duty.