Four people escaped a blaze on Quadra Island that reduced their home to rubble, saving only a few guitars and a handful of belongings in the process.

The home, which is in an area of the Gulf Island that is not in a protected fire zone, was reduced to little more than a heap of ash with only the chimney remaining.

Because no fire department was available to extinguish the blaze, the home's occupants and neighbours tried to battle back the flames themselves by pumping water out of a nearby creek.

The question of fire protection in the unprotected "bold point" area of eastern Quadra Island has been debated for years.

The island is already home to two fire halls and just under 3,000 people. Increasing the size of the protected area would cost residents, according to Jim Abram, Regional District Director for Quadra Island.

"We only have just under 3,000 people. Nobody could afford to pay for three more fire halls, which would be the minimum it would take," he said. "Three more trucks, and then we would have to have trained firefighters available at all times."

District staff are working on a report looking into any available options for increasing fire protection on the island, which is expected to be released in January.